Join Us

The GWN is always looking for new wikis to join it either as members or affiliates. If you’d like to join, please inquire in our Discord server.

Who can apply?

  • Our members need to be independently-hosted wikis about video games.
  • Our affiliates can be either:
    • Wikis about any subject (see SpongeBob Wiki).
    • Websites about video games (see

Membership requirements

If you’re interested in having your wiki join us, you’ll need to make sure your wiki meets these requirements before applying:

  • Independent: Wikis should be independent and controlled by community members. Their community should have the ability to assert control of the site in determining or changing content, site features, appearance, and even changing hosts. They should not be hosted by hosts or platforms that take advantage of the volunteer work of editors or readers. Host-imposed and enforced rules will be taken into consideration.
  • Editable: Wikis should be using software that allows users to make changes and edits to page content freely, such as MediaWiki.
  • Maintained: Wikis should be able to stay online, and their communities should be committed to maintaining them. Wikis covering dormant or finished franchises are also welcome! Wikis may run ads to support their operations, as long as the ads are not intrusive or disrupt the editing or reading experience.
  • Video game-focused: Wikis should be focused on a topic that is primarily a video game franchise or series. Wikis may cover a game series that is already covered by an existing member wiki, so long as this does not cause any conflict between the two wikis.
  • Welcoming: Wikis should have a positive, welcoming, and well-managed community. Their conduct should be respectful and professional, including on wiki social media accounts. They should be well-moderated so as to not foster a harmful environment.

Membership benefits

  • The GWN has a footer which is featured on the main pages of our member wikis. The footer contains a link to each member wiki, including affiliates. Links like this from other websites can help with your SEO.
  • We have a Discord community where you can ask for help or share tips and tricks with fellow members and affiliates of the network.
  • We also have a social media presence which we can use to share news about your wiki achievements!

Sound interesting? Apply today!

Not independent? No problem!

Is your wiki currently hosted by a wiki farm that does NOT allow for host migration? Is your wiki full of ads you didn’t ask for? Are your users being served content unrelated to your wiki’s subject matter?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve been there. Join our community server to talk with people who have successfully gained independence of a controlling wiki host. Get tips and tricks on how to migrate your content and how to find new hosting. Don’t wait, migrate!